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Pacific Coast Gay Rodeo Association Newsletter
March 1998
First posted Oct 6, 2013
Last update Jan-21-2020
Of Interest
  • PCGRA was an attempt to start another gay rodeo association beyond the original Reno rodeos. They got off to a better start than any of the previous attempts and produced several social events but never succeeded in producing a rodeo.
  • Thanks to Jay Wilpolt for scanning this program
  • These are the only artifacts we have from the PCGRA, therefore we've put them all on a single page
  • The one and only newsletter can be found further down the page
A transcript of the following article is available below
Transcript of the above article

Pacific Coast Gay Rodeo Association

OCR Transcript by Frank Harrell, Oct 7, 2013

NEWSLETTER - Volume I No. 1
P.O. Box 690 Clayton. California 94517 (415) 672-2404

I would like to welcome the Board of Directors to PCGRA and thank you for all of the work that you are accepting to build our organization. I would also like to thank the people who are now working on the committees for the time and effort you are and have put into the Association. I wish to give a special thanks to Donn Sanders and the Entertainment Committee who worked so hard on our successful benefit. The following Newsletter will describe to all of you what PCGRA is and its future goals. We need your help as members and to work on all the committees.


The PCGRA was founded over a period of years. It had been a dream of three people who came together at the Reno Gay Rodeo. They wanted to see an Association come together that would develop rules, regulations, protection of riders, the humane treatment of stock and a point system to enable gay people to become more professional in our rodeos and eventually develop a gay rodeo circuit.

The people who have worked and discussed this for several years are Dave Davis, Pam White and Dave Wilson. Through discussions amongst themselves and other close friends, they began the conceptualization of PCGRA in relation to all the components that are needed to develop an Association that would be viable and be able to further rodeo skills of gay people.

With Dave Wilson living in Portland, Oregon, the beginning of the ground work was done by Pam White and Dave Davis in the Bay Area with discussions with Dave Wilson on a constant basis. What came out of these discussions was the basis in which PCGRA would develop and move once PCGRA became an entity of its own. This included incorporation, bylaws, rules and regulations, discussions of the necessary committees that would need to function to ensure that all areas were covered.

In the meantime, Patrick Kelly and Chuck Berriman were working with a small group of people in San Francisco attempting to develop an Association called the Bay Area Rodeo Association. Flyers were developed and sent out to all the bars for people to pick up and respond. In a three month time many people both men and women did respond to this flyer.

In the meantime Patrick was meeting with attorneys, friends who have participated in rodeo's and began to do the same as Dave, Pam and Dave in developing the necessary organization to ensure that the Association would be viable and functioning rodeo association.

With both groups working towards the same goal, we came in contact with each other. In January, 1981 through discussions we decided that the Bay Area Rodeo Association would merge into PCGRA. The first reason for this was that people active in any gay rodeo association would be from a larger area than the Bay Area; second, there was not enough room for having two rodeo associations attempting to do the same thing, and the third reason was we collectively knew the same people and wanted to work with these people.

It became clear that it was necessary for all of us to pool our energies into one Association and make it a viable organization for gay people to further their rodeo related skills. On February 15-16, 1981, the first official meeting of PCGRA was held. At this meeting, Board of Directors were elected and appointed, Officers elected, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations were discussed and developed.

The Board of Directors again met on March 7-8, 1981 and developed the infrastructure that is necessary for the Association to carry on the day to day business. Elsewhere in this Newsletter, the Committees are described and what they do.

The Pacific Coast Gay Rodeo Association is now filed with the State of California as a non-profit corporation and is ready to accept applications, and welcome people to work on the committees of their choice. Remember that PCGRA is an Association developed for gay men and women to come together for developing their rodeo skills and be able to have western social events such as barn dances, barbecues, trail rides, and hayrides to give us a chance to carry on past traditions to today.



Pacific Coast Gay Rodeo Association is a non-profit corporation in the State of California. The money received from membership and donations will go for the following:

Provide the gay community with a prolific organization, established for both gay men and gay women to participate equally and proudly together in organized rodeo events.

To establish a permanent well founded Association and as members, strive to develop our individual and collective skills in becoming proficient in rodeo related sporting events.

Continuously being conscious of the humane treatment of the livestock used in rodeo's the PCGRA is associated with or helps to produce.

To better the standards, conditions and rules governing gay rodeo events. Enabling all gay people who share the common enthusiasm in western events to participate actively in a just an unbiased rodeo, and in a competitive spirit.

To protect the privacy of its members.

To provide a central location for registration for the convenience of its members.

To encourage members to follow the rules and policies set forth by this organization in an exemplary manner, showing pride in self and pride in membership in the Association.

Patrick Kelly
Dave Wilson
Pam White
Rose Sandecki
Dave Davis
Rick Howell
Kathy Keyes
Jennifer Lego
Chico Flash
Donn Sanders
Fred Smith

Active Membership ($20.00 per year)

-Contestant in Rodeo's PCGRA sanctioned Rodeo's

-Voting Status.

-Monthly Newsletter.

All Social Events, e.g. Barndances, Trail Rides, Hayrides, and any other social fun ction to be planned for the future.

Associate Membership ($15 .00 per year)
-Monthly Newsletter.
-All Social Events, e .g. Barndances, Trail Rides, Hayrides, and any other social function to be planned for the future.

The following are the committee's of the PCGRA and all members are encouraged to participate in the committee of your choice. Each committee has a Chairman which is responsible to the Board of Directors.

Public Relations - Fred Smith. In charge of all the information that is presented to the public. Public Relations schedules the interviews, coordinates articles in printed media, as well as coordinating all television and radio interviews. This committee works very close with the Executive Committee.

Entertainment - Donn Sanders.
This team of people is responsibile for the organ~z~ng, planning and carrying out of all social events and benefits that will happen over the year. This includes the planning of entertainment, location, and all other aspects needed in having a successful event.

Newsletter - Patrick Kelly.
This team is responsible for the production of the monthly newsletter that goes out to all PCGRA members and to the general public when necessary. You will work with the Editor in the writing of articles, doing the layout, and other production type work.

Area Committee's -
These teams of people will work with the Area Directors to build membership, activities and rodeo's or playdays in your area. PCGRA has Area Directors and Committees in the following areas: Northern California (divided into 3 sections), Southern California, and Oregon-Washington. Each area will have their own various committee's to carry out the work that is necessary in the area, such as all the committee's de scribed here.

Northern California - Chico Flash (916) 891-0688
Southern California - Mike Lytle (213) 892-1995
Oregon-Washington - Dave Wilson (503) 231-0376, also - Jennifer Lego (206) 283-7197 - Seattle

Membership Committee - Patrick Kelly.
Will work with all the committee's in supplying the information regarding all the membership and the areas of interest they want to work in. This committee will also attend all social fun ctions and sign-up more members. This requires working a great deal with Entertainment.

Events Committee - Kathy Keyes (Women) and Dave Davis (Men).
This committee is responsible for the rodeo events, working with the Arena Director when necessary, ensuring that they are controlled and operated by PCGRA Rules and Regulations. This includes also planning and developing the rodeo school's to train our membership in rodeo related events.

Photography - Rick Howell.
This committee is in charge of the actual photography done for the PCGRA. You will be attending all events, rodeo's in which PCGRA members are active, and being responsible for the photography that will be used in our Public Relations. This means working directly with Public Relations, developing and maintaining the PCGRA photo history and all the other committees.

Each of the committee's need your participation, and this is a way to build the PCGR~, learn Rodeo events, and get to know people who are interested in all of the above.

Within the next two years, PCGRA will schedule and conduct Rodeo Schools for its membership. These will include education in equipment, arena, safety, terminology, and the actual practice of riding rough stock, etc. This will cover schooling for the novice as well as the experienced rider.

All the social functions being planned by the PCGRA will be held either outdoors or with a western flavor. Such events as trail rides, hayrides, and barndances enables all of us to come together as gay men and women to socialize and to lay the groundwork for a strong Association.

All events will be published in the PCGRA Newsletter.

On August 15, 1981 the first California Gay Rodeo will be held at the Cow Palace, San Francisco, California. The following is the information to receive your California Gay Rodeo Entry Form. If you are interested in being a contestant, write or phone the following address:
Director of Rodeo Events
California Gay Rodeo
P.O. Box 690
Clayton, CA 94517
(415) 672- 2404

The following are the events that contestants may enter and participate in:
1. Bareback Bronc - Experience required.
2. Saddle Bronc - Experience and equipment required.
3. Bull riding - Experience required.
4. Wild Steer Riding.
5. Calf Roping - Foot.
6. Barrel Race - Must have own horse.
7. Wild Mule Race - One of team of two.
8. Wild Mule Race - One of team of three.
9. Wild Cow Milking - One of a team of three.
10. Rescue Race - Must have your hgours. One of a team of two.
11. Team Steer Undecorating - Must One must horse. One of a team of two, both must have a horse.

PCGRA encourages all people who are interested in participating to send for your entry forms as soon as pos sible so that you may be able to join us in this fine rodeo event.

On April 11th the PCGRA held its first benefit Barndance in Martinez, featuring dancing, a barbecue and open bar. Many people i n the community showed their support for our organization by attending this successful benefit.

There was a dance exhibit provided by a Foggy City Squares and The Barbary Coast Cloggers.

The night was very entertaining for all who attended and we were able to express on of the purposes of PCGRA, that ob bringing people together at an outdoor Western event to socialize and enjoy themselves. We do wish to thank all those who came, and most especially all the committee members, and merchants who worked so hard t o make this successful.

If you have comments, questions or want more information concerning The Pacific Coast Gay Rodeo Association, please write or call:
P.O. Box 692
Clayton, CA 94517
(415) 672-2404

Please submit changes of address to the above mentione address so you can continue to get current information on the PCGRA.