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IGRA Finals Buckle Winners
First posted Mar 22, 2012
Last update Oct-29-2015

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In 1988, the Nevada District Attorney filed an injunction 2 days before finals rodeo to stop the event. Two days in local court as well as a visit to the Nevada Supreme Court failed to overturn the injunction. As a result there was no IGRA Finals held this year, so the IGRA board awarded 2 sets of buckles to the top competitors for accumulated annual points gained during the year.
All Around Champion
Greg Olson (2) AGRA
Bill Sanders TGRA
C McCormick GSGRA
Bull Riding
Glen Hostetler TGRA
Greg Olson AGRA
Bareback Bronc
Keith Thompson AGRA none
Wild Cow Riding
Bill Sanders TGRA
Greg Olson AGRA
R Cuellar TGRA
D Prochnow GSGRA
Chute Dogging
Bill Sanders TGRA
Greg Olson AGRA
Sheryl Kanaga TGRA
Wanda Sander GSGRA
Barrel Race
John Beck CGRA
Larry Jones AGRA
J Myers TGRA
C McCormick GSGRA
Pole Bending
G Hosteler TGRA
J Hubbard GSGRA
C McCormick GSGRA
Flag Race
L Brandon OGRA
Larry Gunter AGRA
C McCormick GSGRA
Calf Roping on Foot
Bill Sanders TGRA
Gary Newman AGRA
S Miller TGRA
C McCormick GSGRA
Breakaway Roping
Greg Olson AGRA
Lee Free OGRA
C McCormick GSGRA
Team Roping
Larry Jones AGRA Greg Olson AGRA
Goat Dressing
L Brandon (2) OGRA
Greg Osborne (2) OGRA
Greg Olson AGRA
Dan Iversen AGRA
Steer Decorating
L Brandon OGRA Greg Olson AGRA
Dan Iversen AGRA
Wild Drag Race
Male Female Drag
Gary Newman AGRA
Keith Thompson AGRA
(buckle only given to one person that year)