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Dwight Arthur "DJ" Jones
November 30, 1960 - October 4, 2011
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First posted Mar 25, 2012
Last update Jan 20, 2020

DJ died from a heart attack on October 4, 2011

Dwight "DJ" Jones

November 30, 1960 - October 4, 2011

Dwight Arthur "DJ" Jones was born to Ancil Arthur and Charlois Lu Jones on November 30, 1960. Dwight was the third of four children, born and raised in the suburb area known as Oak Cliff. He attended Kimball High School in Oak Cliff and extended his education into college, achieving his Bachelor Degree at UTA.

Dwight had many loves in his life such as when each of his nieces and nephews were born. He loved them as they were his own children. He loved family gatherings anytime, especially Christmas at home, as well as visiting family and their ranches in Ignacio, Colorado. Dwight worked and improved his horse skills which led to winning 2 world Paint Horse Championships on his favorite mount, Rojo. He was continually learning, growing and advancing within his career of architectural and design work with his many customers in the medical suite filed, at Lillibrdge (formally MMBC). DJ also enjoyed visiting and traveling with a wide range of friends from all works of life, from all over the country. He was proud of the 18 year relationship had with his partner Joe Meals. Together they enjoyed traveling to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, Cocoa Beach, Florida, Australia and New Zealand as well as trail riding on their horses, camping in the trailer at most any location, but especially the National Grasslands north of Decatur, Texas.

Because of his great admiration and interest in the Jones family ranch in southeastern Colorado over a 100 years ago, Dwight always longed to recreate the western lifestyle in his own life, even though he was primarily raised a "city boy." The ranch in Colorado was named the Double J Ranch and he and Joe discussed naming their own 10 acre spread in Rhome, Texas the Double J Ranch. It was fitting as the first J came from the Jones name and the second from Joe, so the two of them decided the name was a fit.

Dwight did not suffer, or have a long stay in a hospital prior to his crossing over to the other side, but went quickly from a massive coronary, late Tuesday evening, October 4, 2011, 50 years of age, way too early.

He was preceded in death by his parents but survived by 2 brothers, Bobby and his wife Mary of Duncanville, Texas; Kevin and his partner Kylar of Garland, Texas; one sister, Joetta and husband Tom of Hitchcock, Texas and his partner of 18 years Joe Meals.

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