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First posted Mar 25, 2012
Last update Jan-21-2020

Submission requirements for the Gay Rodeo History Memorial Pages

Anyone will be considered as long as...

The Webmaster and Archives Committee has final say on acceptance

For examples of good submissions, see Billy Collison or Rocky Kuhn.

Mandatory requirements:
  1. The persons real name (if family sensitive, we can publish first name and last initial, just ask)
  2. Date of birth and date of passing
  3. What the person died from (AIDS, cancer, auto wreck, suicide. Give some details, what kind of cancer, where was the accident...)
  4. At least one large, good quality, face photo
  5. Description or bio of the person. (What they did in life, in rodeo, what organizations they helped, where they lived...)
  6. What IGRA associations they were members of (list all associations they were members of at anytime)
Additional items that would be very useful: Send materials to
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