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Kenneth W. Badsgard

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First posted Mar 25, 2012
Last update Jan 20, 2020

Ken committed suicide on October 4, 2011

Kenneth W. Badsgard

April 20, 1964 - October 5, 2011

Ken was very involved in the New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association, and not just as a contestant. He served on the board of NMGRA for many years, in several different capacities. He could be found prior to the rodeo working to get hay, making sure we had buckle sponsors, and on rodeo day, behind the chutes helping pull gates.

On award night, there was seldom a rodeo that Ken and his horse, "Snip-N-Go" were not up receiving a ribbon or buckle. "Snippy," now retired, will forever be known to us all as the horse who never quit. Aside from his success in horse speed events, Ken wass also striving to achieve what few had done before him to win a buckle in every event. The only event he lacked was bull riding. He buckled in every other IGRA event at one time or another in his rodeo career.

Throughout the years, we could all count on Ken to help with whatever needed to be done. He was the one that people came to when something was broken on a horse trailer, or if someone needed a tool. Ken was the "go to man" when it came to helping anyone. Ken could always be counted on to be there to lend a hand, fix a flat or help wvith your horse.

But ... did you know that Ken also rode dirt bikes? Before he discovered his love of horses and rodeo, Ken was an avid dirt bike rider - a "hill climber," which completely fit Ken's character and his love of risk. Hill climbing is an extremely dangerous sport. Any of you who had the opportunity to see Ken without his shirt on could see the scars he sufTered from a serious accident, resulting in a broken back when his bike fell over on him during one of these grueling hill climb events.

Ken had so many diverse talents. It is with continued sadness that those talents will not be seen or experienced any longer. Ken was a distinctive individual who will continue to live on in our memories.

The following poem was included on Kenn's funeral card

Rodeo Cowboy Funeral Poem

Let me tell you folks
Who have gathered here today
That I'm a proud and thankful cowboy
Who has just passed away
I know it's hard
But, please don't cry
Fer I'm now ridin' Gods trails
High up in the sky
The hoss I'm ridin' now
Don't spook, buck or kick
Fer God stables perfect horses
And now I have my pick
Lord, please forgive me of all my sins
Fer I haven't been perfect
But I know that he who belives in You
Forever wins!
I have lived a good life
A cowboys dream come true
Thank You Lord,
Fer I'm now ready to ride into eternity
Me, my horse, and you.
© June 15, 2000 by Terry Ike Clanton

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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