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Gary Robinson

- January 1997
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First posted Mar 25, 2013
Last update Jan 20, 2020

Gary died of AIDS in 1997

Gary Robinson

? - January 1997

From the 1997 Atlantic Stampede Program

In memory of Gary Robinson We dedicate Atlantic Stampede '97 to the memory of our friend and compatriot, Gary Robinson, who passed away in January after a year of severe illness. Gary joined ASGRA soon after the organization was founded and served as our first elected secretary. He was involved in many activities, serving on several committees, active as a country/western dancer and dance instructor, and participated in rodeo competition with his horse "Bismarck."

Gary was instrumental in developing and served as the first Public Relations Spokesperson for the International Gay Rodeo Association. His hard work and dedication to Gay rodeo contributed substantially to the growth and development of our sport. Even during his illness, he remained involved in the workings of ASGRA and IGRA and served as the Grand Marshal for Atlantic Stampede '96. We are saddened by his absence but are proud to have known him and to have had the opportunity to work with him for the benefit of Gay rodeo. We miss you Gary!

From the 1996 Atlantic Stampede Program

ASGRA is pleased to honor as Grand Marshal of this year's rodeo, charter member 42, Gary Robinson.

Gary was ASGRA"s first elected secretary and has run for a vanety of board positions. He has served on nearly every ASGRA committee, inducting bylaws,elections, rodeo events and fundrais1ng. He's been involved w1th every Atlantic Stampede as a competitor and volunteer, serving as volunteer coord1nator in 1994 and grand entry coordinator in 1995. He also teaches country western dance at Remingtons.

In 1995, Gary was named Public Relations Spokesperson for the International Gay Rodeo Assooat1on {IGRA). In that role he has been instrumental in developing relationships between IGRA and the Anmal Welfare Council and Pro Rodeo, as well as working extensively with the national med1a.

Gary owns a 12-year-old gelding named Bismarck. He says there's not one part of rodeo he favors but he really likes "getting dirty and partlopating."

An International specialist w1th the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Gary grew up "out west" in Nevada, California and Utah. Those experiences have been the subject of some of Gary's writing published in Roundup magazine. As an adult he had dreamed of be1ng involved in rodeo and ASGRA has helped him realize those dreams.

His illness this past summer has slowed him down. We miss your hard work and dedication to ASGRA. We salute you. Gary, and wish you well!

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