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David Pizzuti
March 20, 1962 - December 21, 1997
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First posted Mar 24, 2013
Last update Jan 20, 2020

David died from complications of AIDS due to an infection

David Pizzuti

March 20, 1962 - December 21, 1997

2014 Hall Of Fame Inductee

This past year our International family lost a great entertainer. Our rough stock contestants lost a Protector. Our rodeo audience lost their "Nadia".

The International Gay Rodeo Association and AGRA - Phoenix Chapter dedicate this year's program memorial page to our greatest Bullfighter, Mr. David Pizzuti.

From his childhood, David wanted to be a rodeo clown. He would entertain family and friends. And there's no way he could have known that one day he would be practicing his craft before thousands of people across the United States and Canada.

By 1996, he was working the straight rodeo circuit, as well. At the end of that first year, he was honored as Bullfighter of the Year, an honor few bullfighters have ever accomplished during their first season.

David lived and worked in Denver, Colgiado, where his parents still reside. He got his start as a member of the Colorado Gay Rodeo Association. He and his fellow bullfighter, Barry Barnes thrilled the crowds with their colorful costumes and antics. You could never leave those two alone with a crowd, an arena and a banana! It just wasn't pretty! And the things they could do with simple kitchen tools. Unbelievable!!! Many times I would hear members of the audience say "we just came here for the clowns". David had a large following and was a veteran at keeping them entertained.

Many rough stock riders can tell you stories of how David's quick thinking and speed saved them from harm. Many times his concern for their safety would put HIS OWN safety at risk. But he knew what his job was and did it well, taking the hits, so his cowboys wouldn't have to.

Now, our most famous Bullfighter has gone Pro, he's number one in the grand-daddy of all rodeos, hosted by the big guy upstairs. He has given us all memories of great rodeos, that funny man with the strange clothes, quik wit and contagious smile looking back at us from the middle of the arena.

David, we love and miss you. Now, Let's Rodeo!!!

Submitted by Kenny Poplin,
a friend and Mr. AGRA 1998

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