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Buckle Legend
Interpreting The Colors And Buckle Information
First posted Nov 25, 2011
Last update Jan-20-2020
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Buckle thumbnail color code

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Popup window codes

A bright blue border around the portrait indicates that photo was shot at the same rodeo where the contestant won that buckle, but not neccessarily during that specific buckle event.

If a portrait is not available for the same year as the buckle, a photo has been chosen as close to that year as is currently available.

If we find a portrait with a better match we will post it. Please let us know if you have one that is better quality or more relevant to a given buckle.

If the event involves more than one person, the individual who received this specific buckle is underlined, if known.

Manufactures of buckles found in our archive

Image Information

  • Camera: Nikon D-800, 36 mega pixel, SLR
  • Lens: AF Micro Nikor 60mm 1:2.8 D, manual focus
  • Exposure: ISO 800, F-14, white ballence: Incandescent
  • Lighting: 2, 500 watt incandescent photoflood lamps, 3200 kelvin
  • Original files are Nikon RAW format (NEF)
  • RAW files approximately 45 megs
  • JPG files approximately 5 megs
  • High resolution copies are available on request
  • Contact

For an example of the high resolution images, see the detail sample below

Actual Image Size

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