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Southeast Gay Rodeo Association (SEGRA)
Individual's IGRA Awards & Non-monetary contributions
Thanks to Roger Bergmann for asembleing this list
First posted Sep 95, 2017
Last update Jan-20-2020

(Geographic Area included: Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, & Alabama)
Joined IGRA in 1991, Changed name in 1999
Georgia Gay Rodeo Association (GGRA)
Joined IGRA in 1999, Dissolved in 2009

IGRA Hall of Fame:


IGRA Officers and Staff:


SEGRA Trustees to IGRA Board:

1992Dan Ahern
1993 - 1994Tim Smith, (TGRA)
1994 - 1995Steve Jackson
1996- 1997Randy Goldman
1998Terry Kaminski
1998 - 2001Chris Montedoro
2002 Susan Blalock

GGRA Trustees to IGRA Board:

2003 - 2004Ray Stapp
2005Scot Fincher
2006 - 2008Don Harris

IGRA Royalty:

1994MissMiss Tessie (Tim Smith)
2001MsErin Leavey

IGRA Committee Chairs:

2005Rik KellyAnimal Issues & Concerns
2007Barbara BuggAnimal Issues & Concerns (Co-Chair)

IGRA Certified Rodeo Officials:


Non-Certified Rodeo Personnel (i.e.: Announcers, Clowns, etc,):


IGRA President's Award:


The Wayne Jakino Western Lifestyle Award:


IGRA International Award:

2000, 2005Barbara Bugg
2001Dr. Steve Morris
2001David Short

IGRA Director's Award:

1995Tim Smith
2001Barbara Bugg

IGRA Trustee's Award:

2000Thomas Ray Stapp

SEGRA's Rodeo Directors:

Dixieland Rodeo
1994Rick LeClaire
1995Steve Jackson
Southern Spurs Rodeo
1999Ray Stapp
2000Rob Hadaway
2001 - 2002Barbara Bugg

GGRA's ""Gateway Regional Rodeo" Rodeo Directors:

2004 - 2005Barbara Bugg
2006Ray Ostmann
2008Ray Ostmann
2010Steve Schultz

IGRA Men's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:

2000 Rookie Bull Rider of the YearGene Snipes

IGRA Women's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:

1994 Bareback BroncTammy Crowder
1994 Barrel RaceSusan Williford
1994 Pole BendingTammy Crowder
1994 Flag RaceTammy Crowder
1995 All-Around CowgirlTammy Crowder
1999 Barrel RaceTammy Crowder
2000 Flag RaceTammy Crowder