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North Star Gay Rodeo Association (NSGRA)
Individual's IGRA Awards & Non-monetary contributions
Thanks to Roger Bergmann for asembleing this list
First posted Sep 25, 2017
Last update Jan-20-2020

Joined IGRA in 1990

IGRA Hall of Fame:


IGRA Officers and Staff:

1996 - 1997Tom Vance7th IGRA President

NSGRA Trustees to IGRA Board:

1991 - 1992Jim Peterson
1993 - 1995Tom Vance
1996 - 1998Lee Roehl
1999James Jenkins Jr. (CGRA)
2000 - 2002Dot Trevis
2003 - 2005Mark Larson
2006 - 2008Jack Roach
2009 - 2013Carl Stange
2014 - 2015A.J. Vawter
2015 - 2017Chris Berglund
2017Gene Fraikes (TGRA)

IGRA Royalty:

1997Mr. 1st Runner UpJames Jenkins, Jr.
1998Ms. 2nd Runner UpDot Trevis
1999Mr. 1st Runner UpJames Jenkins, Jr.
2001Miss 2nd Runner UpAva Monet (Stephan Zielinski)
2002Mr.Mark Larson

IGRA Committee Chairs:

1992Frank BohlanderIGRA Convention
1992Lee RoehlDance Rules
1996 - 1998Lee RoehlCorporate Auditor
1993Tom VanceMarketing/Media & Public Relations
1995Tom VanceRodeo Growth
1996 - 2005Dot TrevisNominating
2015Jacob GriffithSocial Media

Certified IGRA Rodeo Officials:

1994 - 1998Bill ZybachChute Coordinator
1994 - 1997Rick EricksonScorekeeper
1995 - 1998William R. AllanScorekeeper
1997 - 1998Lee RoehlScorekeeper
2005 - 2013Kyle PutmanJudge
2005 - 2017Jack MorganJudge
2016 - 2017Gene FraikesJudge

Non-Certified Rodeo Personnel (i.e.: Announcers, Clowns, etc.):


IGRA President's Award:

1999Tom Vance
2018Gene Fraikes

The Wayne Jakino Western Lifestyle Award:


IGRA International Award:

1996Connie Lee
1996Dot Trevis
1999Alan Husmann
2016Colin Smith (aka Black Bart)

IGRA Director's Award:

1996Tom Vance
1997Jim Andrews
1997James Jenkins Jr.
1998Gay Noble
1998Toby Trevis
2000Alan Hussman
The Director's Award was discontinued after 2008.

IGRA Trustee's Award:

1996Mark Larson
1996Ray Myers
1997Michael Montoya
1997Carl Stange
1998James Jenkins, Jr.
1999Dot Trevis
2002, 2013Kyle Putman

NSGRA's Rodeo Directors:

North Star Regional Rodeo:
1994Mike Booth
The Great Northern Shindig:
1995D.J. Aguilera
1996Jim "Buck" Andrews
19971998 - Kyle Putman
2003Kyle Putman
2004Doug Waalen
2005Chris Josephes
2007Linda Rhuby
2008Chris Josephes
2015Dan Van Wyk
2016Colin "Black Bart" Smith

IGRA Men's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:

1993 Steer / Wild Cow RidingMark Larson
1995 Flag RaceRay Meyers
1995 Calf Roping on FootMark Larson
2002 Steer RidingMark Larson
2003 Bareback BroncRob Drake
2003 Steer RidingMark Larson
2003 Chute DoggingCarl Stange
2004 Bareback BroncColin Smith (Black Bart)
2005 Steer RidingMark Larson
2014 Steer DecoratingCarl Stange
2015 Bull RidingMark Larson
2015 Wild Drag RaceMark Larson

IGRA Women's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:

1994 Rookie Cowgirl of the YearDoreen Rue
2003 Steer RidingRhonda Schaffer
2004 Bareback BroncElodie Huttner