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Missouri Gay Rodeo Association (MGRA)
Individual's IGRA Awards & Non-monetary contributions
Thanks to Roger Bergmann for asembleing this list
First posted Sep 25, 2017
Last update Jan-20-2020

Joined IGRA in 1986

IGRA Hall of Fame:

2008Bobbie St. Jeor
2013Linda Frazier (KGRA)

IGRA Officers and Staff:

1991Doug WagnerIGRA Vice President
1998 - 1999Linda Frazier8th IGRA President
2008 - 2011Andrew GoodmanIGRA Vice President (NGRA)

MGRA Trustees to IGRA Board:

1987Bob Mitchell
1988 - 1989Bonnie Oliver
1990Ken Boge
1991 - 1994Cheryl Harrington
1995 - 2000Emil Pronier
2001 - 2003Bobbie St Jeor
2004 - 2007Andrew Goodman
2008 - 2012Linda Frazier
2013 - 2018Kenneth Hall

IGRA Royalty:

1990Mr. 1st Runner UpBob Mitchell
1991Mr.Scott Burleson (moved up from 1st Runner Up)
1992Mr. 1st Runner UpKen Boge
1994Miss 2nd Runner UpKrystal DeVille (Tom Brandt)
1995Mr. 2nd Runner UpKen Boge
2002Mr. 1st Runner UpMalcolm Myers
2004MissMandy Barbarell (Andrew Goodman)
2011Miss 2nd Runner UpGinger Kaye Belmont (Timothy Fellencer)
2012Ms.Kami Boles
2012MsTerShane Lee, (Angela Parker)
2013Miss 1st Runner UpLaine Weston (Dennis Kitchen)

IGRA Committee Chairs:

1987Ray HartshornCredentials
1987Christy GuyNominations (Co-Chair)
2007Andrew GoodmanIGRA Convention
2011Andrew GoodmanCommunity Outreach & Fundraising (Board Liaison)
2009 - 2012 Linda FrazierHealth & Safety
2012 - 2015Kami BolesWomen's Outreach
2015 - 2017Ryan ReedPublic Relations
2015Rob MatyskaIGRA University
2017Scott HarveyAssociation Presidents (Co-Chair)

Certified IGRA Rodeo Officials:

1994 - 2014Dee ZuspannJudge (Multiple Associations)
1994 - 1997Dee ZuspannScorekeeper
1995 - 1997Dee ZuspannSecretary
1997 - 2000Dee ZuspannChute Coordinator
1996 - 2000Emil PronierScorekeeper
1997 - 2000Phil FilkelScorekeeper
2016Ed LaBrashScorekeeper
2016 - 2017Rob Matyska, Jr.Arena Director
2016 - 2017Rob Matyska, Jr.Chute Coordinator

Non-Certified Rodeo Personnel (i.e.: Announcers, Clowns, etc.):


IGRA President's Award:


The Wayne Jakino Western Lifestyle Award:


IGRA International Award:

1997Duane Gabrielson
1997Jim Shivers
1997Dixie Belle
2004Bobbie St Jeor
2009Ken Hall
2009Cayree Ragsdale
2010Linda Frazier
2010Chuck Kirkwood
2013Angela Parker

IGRA Director's Award:

1993Emil Pronier
1995, 2001C. Wesley "Phil" Filkel (aka Miss Mae)
1996Bobbie St Jeor
1998Thom Brandt
1998Dewayne Landreth
The Director's Award was discontinued after 2008.

IGRA Trustee's Awards:

1991Ken Boge
1998Jim Deline
2004Bobbie St Jeor

MGRA's Rodeo Directors:

Great Plains Regional Rodeo - Kansas City, MO:
1993Cheryl Harrington
1994 - 1995Bobbie St. Jeor
Show-Me State Rodeo:
1996 - 2004Bobbie St. Jeor
2005 - Jim Lilly
2006 - 2007Chuck Kirkwood and Charles Hancock
2009 - 2010Jerry Tropf and Charles Hancock
2011Charles Hancock
2012 - 2013Jack "Trixie" Truman
2016Garland Rankine

IGRA Men's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:

1997 Chute DoggingJim Deline
2003 Flag RaceRocky Kuhn
2004 Wild Drag RaceJim Deline
2007 Calf Roping on FootRocky Kuhn
2013 Steer DecoratingTodd Tee Tramp

IGRA Women's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:

1998 Rookie Cowgirl of the YearTammy Catron
2001 Calf Roping on FootRena Nickerson