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Illinois Gay Rodeo Association (ILGRA)
Individual's IGRA Awards & Non-monetary contributions
Thanks to Roger Bergmann for asembleing this list
First posted Sep 25, 2017
Last update Oct-06-2017

Joined IGRA in 1993

IGRA Hall of Fame:

2005John King (AGRA, CGRA)
2010Bryn Geerdes (HGRA)
2012Patrick Terry (CGRA, HGRA)
2016Amy Griffin (ARGRA, GSGRA)

IGRA Officers and Staff:

1996 - 1997Amy Griffin IGRA Vice-President (ARGRA, GSGRA)
2013 - 2014Ed Barry12th IGRA President
2017Anthony ValdezIGRA Vice-President (TGRA)

ILGRA Trustees to IGRA Board:

1994John King
1995 - 2006 Anthony Adamowski (Twelve Years)
2007 - 2012Ed Barry
2013 - 2018Joe Daddezio

IGRA Royalty:

2000MissHarley Quinn (Michael Vrooman)
2001Mr.Michael Cunningham
2001Miss 1st Runner UpMinerva Rex (Jeff Geiger)
2002Mr. 2nd Runner UpMichael Aguilar
2002Miss 1st Runner UpLauren Jacobs (Larry Cotton)
2003Mr. 2nd Runner UpJames Jenkins, Jr.
2003MissJada McRae (Jay Carlson)
2007Mr. 1st Runner UpD.J. Tompkins
2009Mr. 1st Runner UpTom Sheridan

IGRA Committee Chairs:

1995Don NowotneyIGRA Convention
1996Kim RobertsDance Rules
1999Russell BleakneyArena Directors
2002 - 2003Amy GriffinRodeo Growth & Planning
2003 - 2004Amy GriffinJudges
2005 - 2008Amy GriffinJudges (Co-Chair)
2013Amy GriffinHealth & Safety
2016 - 2017Amy GriffinHall of Fame
2009 -2010Patrick TerryMerchandise
2010Patrick TerryArchives
2011Patrick TerryIGRA University
2013Tom SheridanSocial Media
2013Tom SheridanSpecial Projects (Regional Rodeos)
2014 - 2017Ed BarryCorporate Auditor

Certified IGRA Rodeo Officials:

1994 - 2014Patrick TerryScorekeeper (CGRA, HGRA)
1994 - 2012Kim DawsonChute Coordinator (TGRA)
1997 - 2012Kim DawsonArena Director (TGRA)
1995 - 2000Ellis RoseScorekeeper (GSGRA)
1995 - 2000Ellis RoseSecretary
1997 - 2000Phil SeamsterChute Coordinator
2000 - 2017Amy GriffinJudge (ARGRA, GSGRA)
2000 - 2012Tamara MarksScorekeeper (HGRA)
2012 - 2017Tom SheridanJudge (SMRA)

Non-Certified Rodeo Personnel (i.e.: Announcers, Clowns, etc.):


IGRA President's Award:

2009Patrick Terry (CGRA, HGRA)
2012Debbie Cowgur

IGRA International Award:

1993John King (AGRA, CGRA)
2001Michael Vrooman (CGRA)
2008Amy Griffin
2010Kendall and Debbie Cowgur
2012Ed Barry

IGRA Director's Award:

1995Don Nowotny
1998John King & Charlies
2001Anthony Adamowski
The Director's Award was discontinued after 2008.

IGRA Trustee's Award:

1998Erick Smith

ILGRA's "Windy City" Rodeo Directors:

1994 - 1995Donald Nowotny
1998Kurt Howard
1999Russell Bleakney
2000 - 2002Anthony Adamowski
2003 - 2008Anthony Adamowski and Michael Cunningham
2009Chris DeEspinosa and Debbie Cowgur
2010 - 2011Debbie Cowgur
2013Debbie Cowgur

IGRA Men's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:


IGRA Women's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:

2008 Calf Roping On FootBryn Geerdes