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Iowa Gay Rodeo Association (IAGRA)
Individual's IGRA Awards & Non-monetary contributions
Thanks to Roger Bergmann for asembleing this list
First posted Sep 24, 2017
Last update Jan-20-2020

Joined IGRA in 2009, Dissolved in 2013

IGRA Hall of Fame:

2013Mitch Gill (TGRA, NGRA, GSGRA, HSRA)

IGRA Officers and Staff:

2004 - 2007Mitch Gill IGRA Vice-President

IAGRA Trustees to IGRA Board:

2010 - 2013Mitch Gill

IGRA Royalty:


IGRA Committee Chairs:


Certified IGRA Rodeo Officials:

1997 - 2013Mitch GillScorekeeper
1997 - 2013Mitch GillSecretary
2005 - 2013Kyle PutmanJudge (NSGRA)

Non-Certified Rodeo Personnel (i.e.: Announcers, Clowns):


IGRA International Award:

2013Cindy Berner-Schlichte

IGRA Trustee's Award:

2012Cindy Berner-Schlichte

IGRA Men's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:


IGRA Women's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:

2012 Chute DoggingCindy Berner-Schlichte