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Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association (ARGRA)
Individual's IGRA Awards & Non-monetary contributions
Thanks to Roger Bergmann for asembleing this list
First posted Sep 24, 2017
Last update Sep-26-2017

(Originally Alberta Gay Rodeo Association; changed name in 1994 so that acronym did not conflict with Arizona Gay Rodeo Association)

Joined IGRA in 1993, Dissolved in Spring 2016

IGRA Hall of Fame:
2016Amy Griffin (GSGRA, ILGRA)

IGRA Officers and Staff:

1996 - 1997Amy GriffinIGRA Vice-President (Also: GSGRA, ILGRA)
2015Pierre CadieuxIGRA Secretary

ARGRA Trustees to IGRA Board:

1994 - 1996Gord Woima
1997 - 1999David Freeman
2000 - 2002Stuart Aikins
2003 - 2005Ashley Anderson
2006 - 2011Pierre Cadieux
2012 - 2016Rob Somers
IGRA Royalty:

IGRA Committee Chairs:

1997 - 1999Kim DawsonAnimal Issues & Concerns (TGRA, HGRA, ILGRA)
2000Kevin FreemanRodeo Resources
2005Alan FrankIGRA Convention
2005Heather MurrayHealth & Safety (Co-Chair)
2007 - 2008Heather MurrayChute Coordinators (Co-Chair)
2010 - 2013Heather MurrayArena Directors
2008Pierre CadieuxFinals Rodeo
2009 - 2010Rob SomersContestant Liaison
2010 - 2011Jack MorganJudges (Co-Chair)
2013Janie Van SantenWorld Gay Rodeo Finals
2013Judy MunsonGay Games 9
2015 - 2016Pierre CadieuxMembership
2015Clint CoilRodeo Rules
2015Clark MonkWorld Gay Rodeo Finals (UGRA)

Certified IGRA Rodeo Officials:

1994 - 2012Kim DawsonChute Coordinator
1997 - 2012Kim DawsonArena Director
1995 - 2014Michael KaplanScorekeeper (NMGRA)
1995 - 2016Michael KaplanRodeo Secretary
1995 - 2000Ron SeibelScorekeeper
1996 - 1998Jan SabalauskyJudge (NWGRA)
1997 & 2008 Terry BartlettJudge (GSGRA)
2000 - 2016Amy GriffinJudge (GSGRA, ILGRA)
2005 - 2009Ashley AndersonJudge
2005 - 2013Jack MorganJudge (CGRA)
2005 - 2016Heather MurrayChute Coordinator
2009 - 2016Heather MurrayArena Director
2012 - 2016Clint CoilJudge

Non-Certified Rodeo Personnel (i.e.: Announcers, Clowns, etc.):


IGRA President's Award to:

2008Pierre Cadieux
2015ARGRA and the Canadian Rockies International Rodeo

The Wayne Jakino Western Lifestyle Award:


IGRA International Award:

2002Stuart Aikins
2002Ashley Anderson
2013Perre Cadieux
2013Jamie Cumberland
2013Janie Van Santen
2014Judy Munson
2016Janie Van Santen

IGRA Director's Award:

1997Judy Munson
1997Art Raaflaub
1997Wayne Schultz
2000Sean Martin
2000Brenda Steeves and Charmaine Burkley
2008Heather Murray
The Director's Award was discontinued after 2008.

IGRA Trustee's Award:

1998Lori Andrews
1998Clay Betker
1998Andrew Bjorklind
1998Fraser Erickson
1998Phill Kultgen
1998Judy Munson
1999Kevin Murray
2007, 2012Rob Somers
2008Jeff Nielsen
2013Scott "Woody" Woodruff
2015Dale Tamblyn

IGRA World Gay Rodeo Finals Rodeo Directors:

2012Janie Van Santen
2014Clark Monk

"Gay Games 9" Rodeo Director:

2014Judy Munson

ARGRA Rodeo Directors:

Canadian Rockies International Rodeo:
1994 - 1995Andrew Bjorklind
1996Sean Newton
1997 - 1999Judy Munson
2000David Freeman
2001Kevin Murray
2002Bryan Peffers
2003David Freeman
2004 - 2005Delsing Stevenson
2006 - 2008Lorrie Murphy
2009Janie Van Santen
20102014 - Darrel Reid
2015Janie Van Santen

IGRA Men's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:

1997 Steer RidingFred Cronkite (Slim Pickens)
2007 Bull Riding Rookie of the YearSam Pringle
2009 Bull RidingWoody
2009 Steer RidingWoody
2010 Steer DecoratingDavid Smith
2015 Steer RidingDuke P.

IGRA Women's World Gay Rodeo Finals Buckle Winners:

1999 Chute DoggingDesiree Gronwald
1999 Flag RaceDesiree Gronwald
2014 Steer RidingAmanda Essary
2015 Bull RidingAmanda Essary