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IGRA Hall of Fame
Standing Rule
First posted Jul 27, 2013
Last update Jan-20-2020
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Revised 01/01/14

  1. Definition.
    The Hall of Fame honors individuals who have provided for the development and growth of gay rodeo or who have accrued an outstanding record or achieved a prominent position in the sport.
  2. Administration.
    The Hall of Fame shall be administered by the Hall of Fame Committee, which shall consist of five (5) IGRA members appointed by the President. The committee shall be responsible for the administration of the Hall of Fame including implementation of the rules and selection of inductees.
  3. Requirements for Nomination.
    1. Each nominee must have substantially advanced the development and growth of gay rodeo or have accrued an outstanding record or achieved a prominent position in the sport.
    2. No person shall be nominated because of a financial contribution.
  4. Nominating Procedure.
    Nomination must be made by a member of an IGRA Member or Recognized Association and submitted on the Hall of Fame nominating form. Nominations must be received by March 1st of each year. The form shall be submitted to the IGRA Administrative Assistant via E-mail attachment or by a government postal service to the address as shown on the form. The Administrative Assistant shall keep a copy of all submitted nomination forms on file and forward via electronic means to the Hall of Fame Committee. All individuals nominated shall remain on the list of nominees until such time as they may be selected for induction into the Hall of Fame.
  5. Procedure.
    1. The Hall of Fame Committee shall vote no later than April 20th of each year on whether to induct each nominee. A majority of votes is necessary for induction.
    2. There shall be no minimum or maximum number of inductees in any given year.
  6. Notification.
    1. If contact information is available, approved nominee(s) shall be notified, in writing, by the committee chairman within two (2) weeks of the vote.
    2. Approved nominee(s) shall reply, in writing, within one (1) month of date of notification, accepting or declining induction. Approved nominee(s) may include additional information (e.g. photograph) as requested or approved by the committee.
    3. An approved nominee who could not be contacted, or who does not respond within the time period shall be deemed to have accepted induction.
    4. In the case of a posthumous nomination/induction, an effort shall be made to contact the heir(s) of the approved nominee using the same notification and reply procedures.
  7. Awards.
    1. Each inductee to the Hall of Fame shall receive his/her choice of a buckle/wall plaque. The design for either award shall include the IGRA logo, the words "IGRA Hall of Fame," the year of induction, and the inductee's name. If an approved nominee could not be contacted or does not respond, they are still eligible to receive their choice of a buckle or wall plaque after their induction into the Hall of Fame, after first contacting the Hall of Fame Committee chair. In the case of a posthumous induction, the award shall be given to the inductee's heir(s), if available. Otherwise, no award shall be given.
    2. Each inductee shall be included in the Hall of Fame section of the IGRA Web site. The Web site shall list the name, IGRA contestant number (if applicable), reason for induction, and image (if available) of each inductee.
  8. Induction Ceremony.
    The Hall of Fame induction ceremony shall take place at Annual Convention. If the inductee is able to attend the award ceremony and is not already a delegate to the IGRA convention, IGRA will cover the inductee's expense for any associated meal. IGRA will also cover the meal cost for the inductee's spouse or significant other if he/she is not already a delegate to the IGRA convention. In the case of a posthumous induction, a maximum of two (2) meals will be covered for the heirs of the inductee.
  9. Budget.
    The committee will present a proposed budget each year for the expenses of the Hall of Fame.

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