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Charley Lanier
First posted Dec 18, 2009
Last update Jan-20-2020

Charley Lanier

First attended a gay rodeo in 1990
Involved in gay rodeo through 2003

Inducted 2009

Assertive, conscientious, diplomatic, organized, confident...starched.

If he were thrifty, kind, and reverent, Charley Lanier could be the consummate Boy Scout, but fortunately for TGRA and IGRA, he channeled his dedication and talents to our organizations instead. Although we are told he still has a fondness for those little khaki uniforms, neckerchiefs, and badges!

Charley joined TGRA in 1990 and immediately threw himself into Dallas Chapter activities and rodeo volunteerism. Over the years, he held numerous chapter offices and committee chairs and in 1993 he became the TGRA Trustee to IGRA, a position he maintained for over 10 years - a feat that has never been matched in Texas.

Charley also grew more involved in the running of TGRA and its 5 chapters and served as State Treasurer from 1996-1999, a demanding position by itself, but when you consider in 1999 he was the TGRA Trustee, TGRA State Treasurer, and TGRA Dallas Chapter President, this man knows what it is to have a full plate! He handled all 3 duties with aplomb and competence.

In 2001, Charley took the helm as TGRA State President, and brought honor to that office. He has also acted as Rodeo Director and Rodeo Co-Director, assisted Jeanne McLeod as Arena Director, and helped out with every facet of hosting a successful and enjoyable rodeo.

Possessing a dry wit, Charley also entertained many with his grammatically challenged persona of "Wanda Ouachita," penning a column in the monthly Dallas TGRA Saddle Up newsletter that gained fame and notoriety around the IGRA circuit for many years! Wanda had the dish and spilled it in her own inimitable redneck fashion. Nobody was safe from her eagle eyes and sharpened pencil.

Charley is our Renaissance man and while he has previously been honored with the TGRA Founders award and the Hall of Fame - our two greatest accolades - he is deserving of special recognition for so many years of selfless dedication and devotion to gay rodeo. His legacy is felt in every aspect of TGRA lore and history, for which we are forever indebted.

Thank you Charley for your invaluable contributions!

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