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David Hill
First posted Dec 19, 2010
Last update Jan-20-2020

David Hill

March 1954 -

First attended a gay rodeo in 1984

Inducted 2010

David was born in March 1954 in Sarah Palin country - which at that time, was still a territory. His parents, originally from Wyoming, moved to Alaska to seek work on the Alaska railroad. In 1955, they returned to Wyoming where he grew up.

The family moved to a small farm in the Big Horn Basin where they had a variety of farm animals such as horses, calves and sheep and a garden which he had to weed daily. They left the farm and moved to various towns around Wyoming and finally settled in Glenrock where he completed his education.

He attended the University of Wyoming and received his Bachelors degree in accounting. After graduation he became a CPA and moved to Denver in 1984 and joined CGRA. He was quickly recruited by Wayne Jakino to serve as secretary of Rocky Mountain Regional Rodeo and has remained an important figure in CGRA's rodeo history. He has continued on the board of CGRA and is currently their Treasurer.

In 1986, he helped develop the rodeo computer program which we continue to use today. He also created the position of Rodeo Auditor and has continuously held that position.

He joined the IGRA board of directors in 1997 and has served IGRA continuously the past 13 years as Treasurer.

Our inductee is a card-carrying member of PRCA and is a PRCA-certified Arena Secretary - the only PRCA-certified official in IGRA. He moves to Cheyenne for two weeks every July leaving his partner at home alone and calls this time, "an earned vacation!" His commitment to Cheyenne's "Daddy of 'em All" rodeo continues today. This year he completed 31 years with this world famous PRCA rodeo.

He achieved great recognition from his peers at this great event just this year when he was inducted into the "Good Ole Boys Club" called "The Heels of Cheyenne Frontier Days." This club is comprised of dedicated volunteers with extraordinary commitment to Cheyenne.

David Hill currently lives in Centennial, Colorado with Tommy Channel, his partner of 25 years, and their two girls, Daisy Mae and Lexy.

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