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First posted Oct 13, 2014
Last update Jan 20, 2020
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Gay Rodeo

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We offer you a unique experience for this summer...

Grasslands, horses, hay smell, starry nights and authentic cowboys ... All this in the best gay scene and most genuine American style, you're going to find this summer in Akron, Ohio USA.

This is a Rodeo organized by IGRA, who have contacted us wishing that the European public knows and can enjoy this more than attractive gay event. Surprisingly, the Gay Rodeo is an event that has over 30 years of history in the United States. Emerged as a fundraiser for a social cause, it has gone through various stages growing and maintaining the same spirit of solidarity from the beginning.

But the mood of the Gay Rodeo is not just to enjoy the spectacle and the environment, but participate in the rodeo. Do you dare to get on a bull or bronco for a few days and be a cowboy? We'll tell you!

The idea of a Gay Rodeo originated in Reno, Nevada (USA), with the help of Phil Ragsdale in 1975. Ragsdale decided to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Association by holding a Gay Rodeo.

In those years it was not easy to find a farmer or rancher who was willing to rent his ranch and cattle for an event of this type. After much attempts, he finally could celebrate the first Gay Rodeo on October 2, 1976 in Washoe County. The truth is that in that first Gay Rodeo were few participants and spectators, but Ragsdale decided mantenerio as an annual event. This event became known as "The National Reno Gay Rodeo", where every year was crowned the King of the Cowboys, "Queen of the Cowgirls" and "Miss Dusty Spurs" (Drag Queen).

In 1981 a group of enthusiastic contestants from Texas attended the rodeo and a month later created "The Colorado Gay Rodeo Association." Three years later, "The Golden State Gay Rodeo Association" was formed in California. They were multiplying Gay Rodeo Associations from across the country, until in 1985 scheduled a convention in order to standardize the rules and objectives of all organizations. Thus, the "International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA)" was born, today composed of a number of regional Gay Rodeo Associations of the United States and Canada.

This international organization of Gay Rodeo promotes honesty, sportsmanship and fair play in a tough sport. Besides its social function continues raising funds for the LGBT community. And not least, brings us closer to nature teaching us to maintain respect and good treatment of the other protagonists of the event, the animals. For the latter reason the Gay Rodeo varies in some of its rules regarding traditional rodeos, avoiding any kind of animal abuse.

On 10 and 11 August the Gay Rodeo will be held in Akron, Ohio (USA). The event is framed within the 2014 Gay Games, organized by "The Cleveland Foundation," one of the biggest sporting and cultural festivals in the world for the LGBT community and will take place between 9 and August 16 in Cleveland and Akron.

The Gay Rodeo will allow you to live a unique experience as the intention of the organization is not only the men and women who come to the show and event contemplate spending a few days in an atmosphere of LGBT fraternity. But putting all the tools to help you become an active part of the Rodeo. Yes, you will have the opportunity to ride a wild bull or a calf hunting lasso astride a horse, among other activities comprehensive program!

This organization makes available a basic introductory course to Rodeo taught in the days before the event. The safety of people and animals is a priority, and tests for beginners are simple but not always easy because a bull is unpredictable. In this school, to learn some skill required, some experienced cowboys will teach you to avoid injury and do not harm animals, so your participation will include all safety and security measures.

Participants in the rodeo will include at least 120 experienced cowboys, to which must be added that learners will attend from around the world. If you have no partner but want to participate in any team event will have no problem, the organization will help assign to you.

Women are also protagonists of the event. In the Individual test women vie for his Popia Buckle (rodeo trophy), but testing teams compete together men and women.

To assist in the authenticity (and security) of the group is necessary to go with cowboy boots, long pants, denim shirts or plaid and cowboy hat. Incidentally, the Bear Community is very fond of Gay Rodeo, so if you are one of the 'grunidos' you'll be more than happy.

Of course, a great night dance party celebrates country music where reigns the good atmosphere, fun, eager to make new friends... and where you will be hard not to live your own "Brokeback Mountain".

All the information you need to experience the thrill of a genuine American Gay Rodeo find it in the website of the organization:


* Our thanks to Cowboy FRANK for their kindness and contribution to this report photographs ©
Jokin Egaña Editor