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After the success of BigHorn Rodeo 2003, we were all geared up for 2004. Our tag line was "Las Vegas - Enough Said!" In a first for gay rodeo, we had Colt model Carl Hardwick along with the DC Cowboys. Little did we know the disaster that loomed ahead.

The first day was a rain-out and the Saturday rodeo was canceled. Again weather insurance was not available to us then. Fortunately the Tuscany Hotel threw open their ballrooms and we moved the party down there and managed to recover financially somewhat.

When I got to the grounds on Sunday we realized a golf cart had been stolen. That cost use several thousands, but because we ran pumps in the arenas all night we were able to run the rodeo that day.

Just as the rodeo was ending that day and I was feeling optimistic that we would break even or lose just a little money, when I got a call that was like a punch in the gut.

The Treasurer was calling to say that his boyfriend had absconded with all the proceeds from Saturday and Sunday. We figured it was over $15k.