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July, 2006
The Italian gay monthly, #85
First posted Nov 26, 2017
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Real Bareback

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Gay rodeos are the Western variant of the CSD

The man in the arena, together with the cowboy hat, is two meters tall. Cheering "He said to the small dusty square of a small woman, closing it Joyfully in the arms and wirt them into the Lutt. Cindy hates:

She (50 kilograms) held herself eight seconds on a wild Twitching bulls (500 kilo) and is today the only one of them Seven cowboys and four cowgirls who could score points at all. The two-meter cowboy is not her husband, however. Cindy is alive In Oklahoma, with her friend in Judy, and the man, Who now carries them on his shoulders from the arena, is her gay Friend Will. The broker from Tulsa flew on horseback without a saddle, Bareback Bronc Riding "- in just three seconds From horseback to the dust. Californian heat rejoiced The tightly packed Rangen his lover Gregg still encouraged to.

The heroine of the day at the gay, Greater San Diego Rodeo "is clearly Cindy, because the Bullenreiten is the Konigsdisziplin. Rodeo, this is a mix of circus, bullfight and show, the From the tradition of the workplace of the director or more romantic Out of the cowboy. In order to expel the time, Cowboys have always competed in their spare time In what they did as daytime as Gelderwerb: ride Or cows. A rodeo has been found in the US, Canada or Mexico The importance of a folk festival. Thousands of spectators strugmen In the arena and look at the many cowboys and few Cowgirls, as they let themselves be drowned by bulls and horses, With the Lasso Kalber or in an Affenzahn on the Horse around obstacles through the arena. Ten fixed disciplines There is the Rodeo.

The competitions are a family celebration for The one, a hard way to earn his money for the others. Why must a homo version of this traditional People? Very easily: Because gays and lesbians in North America Often exactly the same as others Cattle breeding. This includes riding And dealing with cows from small on to her life. And: because it makes fun! Naturally Is the taste, like so The joy of gay teutones on the German Schlager and danced Foxtrot !. In North America They also wanted their fun Rodeo without having to hide.

On the contrary: Other gay cowboys too Was the motto for the first Gay Rodeo 1976 in Reno, in the desert of Nevada. After Some initial difficulties was spreading In the BOer years the gay rodeo movement In all North America, and next to about There are now almost 700 "hetero" -rodeos Weekend a multi-day GayRodeo- Spectacle in some city. And a Spectacle is always. For the largest and Most popular events travel thousands Gays and lesbians from all over the country But few of them are later On wild horses to admire or run Calving behind. Also Will, Gregg, Judy and Cindy are extra From Tulsa to San Diego to their favorite rodeo Flown In normal life they are Brokers, office workers and shopkeepers. But just like many of the nearly one hundred participants The competition and the spectators.

The ten disciplines at the Rodeo Bull Riding: Eight seconds on one Wild 500-pound bulls, with only one Hand hold and: stay alive. The Konigsklasse Bareback Bronc Riding: the classic Rodeodiscipline at all. Riding without Saddle on a non-ridden horse (Hereafter became the practice of fucking Without condom). Eight seconds Above, with one hand only The other may neither be animal nor animal Body.

Steer Riding: For the stripped-down version Of bull riding, on a smaller one Taurus without saddle, the rider can use A rope about the bull and his Hand also collect postures Chute Dogging: Within 60 seconds A young bull must be ground Be used Calf Roping on Foot: Oer Cowboy is standing In the arena and and must be with one Lasso catch a calf after time Mounted Break-Away Roping: The Cowboy catches a calf with a horse Lasso attached to the saddle Is.

Team Roping: Two cowboys on horseback Must catch a calf with the lasso One of the hind legs, one of the hind legs Horner, then the calf must be in certain Way

Barrel Race: A horse racing after time In tight curves around three barrels Pole Bending: a fast slalom on The horse after time Flag Race: lm fast gallop must The cowboy a flag and Elsewhere in a bucket place International Gay Rodeo Association:

They have grown groovy on a ranch Already as a child, catch calves and Grew up with the songs of Emmylou Harris Or Willie Nelson. A rodeo is full of bizarre rituals. At the start Ride participants on splendidly decorated Horses with flags of the participating Federal States And Lander in the arena. That is It hat off to the hymn, for patriotism and Pathos must be. Aile get up, drift Her cowboy hat to the heart and listen to the Sounds of, Land of the Free. "

Last sound faded, screams everything, let's rodeo, Hute fly in the air and the show begins. In ten disciplines, Cowbcys and -girls then their skill in dealing With the animals or for amusement All many bones break, which is quite Is the order of the day. In the gay mulberry Rodeo there are still three additional Disciplines, so-called "camp events". Probably the most spectacular is the game

Drag Race. "Putting a cowboy and a cowgirl A third person is not defined more closely Sex, but in any case with wig And in a long dress, upon a wild bull and Must the animal with rider (in) By means of a lasso over its target line. The Brings a lot of fun and laughter for the whole Family. Even with the Gay Rodeo some of the women Something of a burschikos, as an observer You probably never get to it, at one Homoveranstaltung to be. Audience and partnehmer kommen im klassischen Outfit: Cowboystiefel (wer sich Tony Lama nicht leisten kann, geht zum Second-Hand-Laden, spitz, eng und mit schragen Absatzen mussen sie allemal sein), ein klassischer Cowboyhut der Marke Stetson, eine eng sitzende Jeans (nicht etwa Levi's, sondem Wrangler Cowboy Fit, hinten genietet!) und ein geschmackloses Cowboyhemd mit bunten Mustern und Perlmuttknopfen.

Not many dare, on one of the gigantic 500-kilo bulls to ride. In the most spectacular And most dangerous type of rodeo You can only get one hand on a rope Hold round the body of the bull becomes. If the animal then the chest Tense and sour - and that will be with it Safety, that is the painful effect Belt that pinches the testicles to him The hand pinched. Thus, eight seconds become an eternity, On the back of the man who comes to his feet The homem Wild-bogging Fleischbergs. The Cindy's artwork from Oklahoma not many. Most of the people are rude Dust. A few take the bull to the Horns. Hardly a day passes without heavy Injuries, a broken nose Still to the trivia. An exhausted sport For gays.

But the competitions are only a part of the day Of pleasure and only a few take part in it part. At the parties in the evening, on the other hand, celebrate Aile fierce. The organizers have in the Generally whole hotels for participants and guests Reserved, and hundreds of cowboys and cowgirls Celebrate the unspoiled ambience American hotel chains. Gay and lesbians are dancing in gray sals For country and western sounds Two Step, Country Waltz or Line Dance. And that too Mainstream country music. Garth Brooks is Popular, Johnny Cash already too much rock 'n' Roll But even country haters come in Flirtation, facial fanatic dancing homos In tight jeans and cowboy hats - it Is simply sexy. Also Cindy, Judy, Gregg and Will dance in Changing constellations, whirling their Dance partners around and celebrate Cindy's triumph At Tennessee Whiskey and watery beer. But that should not be the case Eve.

Because we were not on a homosexual Large event, it was not and also Much to go to sex. In the hotel rooms More or less private sex parties each Couleur instead. While the girls And - are they as a single At least a cowgirl with her to the room Take it, the guys make neat krachen.

Whoever was not thrown too hard by the horse, Can be seen at night by several cowboys At the same time on a gigantic hotel bed horse riding. Cowboy-Heaven! About

Animal protection

Again, animal protectionists are reoccurring Qber Rodeo on. Especially the flank belt, Of the animals Organs and squeezes them so wQtending And bullying is controversial. Also the eternal wandering of the animals Is in the criticism. Rodeo proponents Hold that the total In the life of an average Rodeopferds with the Painful belt on average ten to Fifteen minutes, and rodeoes More environmentally friendly and more conservative Be a / s other in the cattle order Horse breeding. Strictest veterinarian! In addition, the integrity is maintained Of the animals. Also at Gay Rodeos, there were protests from animal breeders, Who argued that straight Gays and lesbians, a / s discriminated Minority in the community, But no animals should be qua / en.