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March 1994
First posted Dec 17, 2011
Last update Jan-20-2020
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A transcript of the following article is available below
Transcript of the above article

Gay nightlife

OCR Transcript by Google Translate, Nov 26, 2017

Of the modern age was called at the beginning of the Nineties: party time in the fumble. Suddenly that was long-forgotten paillette announced again, 0m a Herta's wigs were piled up in towers and even the most fossilized saddle-pieces were stuck Pen in the butt to be in.

paired with scantily clad tea-dancers, its male muscular delusion it made them impossible, at strictly fashionable squashed butt cheeks said Spring even slightly somewhere to accommodate, wife spent -- I am too good to be gay "and Hen -- me I'm too gay to be beautiful -- so many Sunday dance event.

One, two, three in the Sauseschritt rushes the Time: In times when everything swallows turbo fast, nothing rips off your stool anymore and also the highlight of the -- Drag -- wave already reached, if not exceeded seems, something new must come from. The crazy ones Americans, cultural and historyless though, but all the more diligent in the slaughter the little humor that they own, know how to help: Ruff uff the Mãhr and -- juhu -- crooked.

Gay Rodeo is the name of the newest recreational pleasure that has been established in no time at all. Wild stallions and defiant calves under man's cool pace and energetic To become hands to lambish ponies. The man needs something to tame. Great fun: Get out of the Pub, up on the box. You can feel that one lives. No sling can be so stubborn Replace animals. Only real, if after Cornea in step.

Already has the increasing popularity This strange flower first fruits forth brought in the form of a di verse magazine Theme. Every month there is about the important most events of the scene reported that Fights and winners, the most spectacular Falls, the award-winning stallions and mares (two- as well as four-legged) the bulging Eye presented. Cowboy romance and stable cattle, lesbian stable boys and Gutterunten are the ingredients of one Rodeo. The most beautiful cowboy couple contra latest saddle creations (guaranteed) from the top shipping). Moderips for Pferdefa Well, what's the cow wearing and what's the boy wearing? Are earrings obstructive in the Bocken and how do you treat it after the Cowitus interruptus?

But what would be the coolest Rodeo without his closing dance fun? A shit! Squaredance and country music. What are the hearts of Germans? the Ami his kd. long and the good dolly Parton. In this danced version of Cowboys only really come into chess Boil. Hops, hops, hops: Ringelpietz with Touch. The Rodeo Show Dancers -- All Men --(a kind of star parade ball in chaps and hat) e.g. dance volkstÜmbches gay goods and are the hammer of every rodeo this special kind. So bring -- Round Up, the magazine for the skilful Captain also the latest dance steps, the fastest dance floors, the hottest dancers, the most beautiful chaps and the crispest Sti efeletten.

Off to the hay

But exercise is the dance not the conclusion of the new variant for a long time the American bundle of men. After a hot gag and "Jipppiieeeeh" screeching quickly the chaps are on the Nail hanged and off we go in hay. All that sounds very male, and it is; in front But it is not only superficial New fun of the gay community. The dream the gay cowboy, and all the romance stuff associated with it (So: Lagerfe uer, thick beans, blue Sky, Freedom, Adventure, Lucky Luke, smoking puffing horses and grass and so on) is as old as gays, part wise. Just the confession is new: if cowboys become gay, a completely new variant of the Coming out, but typically American h. Even gay men want -- serious -- Men are n, and traditional men's poi to take their own Also artistically meanwhile, it looks like something like that. Pferdeund Men's fan Delmas Howe has recently an illustrated book with the rodeo influenced Cowboy oil paintings brought out. His Fantasies of gay naked riding events Although far exceed the Reality, but bring the yearning for freedom, manhood and adventure Gay to the point.

However, one may be curious how which is being adapted again here in Germany, as you know, many aunt Sam's things foreshadowing us. Probably that ends whole with a petition to the Bundestag, that the gays sometimes in Bad Segeberg want to play

A transcript of the following article is available below
Transcript of the above article


OCR Transcript by Google Translate

What howling sounds like a fairy tale can already be a reality tomorrow: Imagine Germany's gays would celebrate their own shooting festivals and their own Oktoberlest.

Maiböcke Maikðnige would hand organize their own shooting competition in hand. Inconceivably. In Amiland but commonplace. Find over twenty times This year in the US gay rodeos instead of. Cowboy romance, dance competitions and lots of fun, gay men and women lesbian women, their parents and To take families to the horse party: the are next to disco and backroom events America's new folk festivals. Rodeos, generate money for AIDS purposes and the man in the American Average gay people. But gay rodeos do not just fall from the Sky directly into a horse arena. As it came to that, who had the idea who plans and organized?

Since 1985, the -- International Gay Rodeo Association -- (IGRA), a gay Umbrella organization for rodeos, consisting of twenty affiliates, the 25 states of the USA represent, plus two Canadian Provinces. Whenever a horse burps, the IGRA organized it. But the horse exchange started very small in the year 1975. Phil Ragsctale thought Money for the -- Muscular Dystrophy Association -- with Help a gay Rope hardest to push on. The idea Sounded interesting, only the good noticed very quickly that farmers and Rancher rather with the Forke on him went off as space and animals for one to provide gay rodeo. Nevertheless, there was on October 2, 1976 the Start shot in Reno. It was not overwhelming many participants and spectators, at least it was a start and Phi! decided to do another rodeo annually to organize.

In 1981, a dedicated group of participants met from Texas and participants from Denver, Colorado, so hard on each other after some fuss as a result of it in Coloracta formed its own rodeo association. In 1982, this team came over with 400 members and 43 applicants for Reno back and pleaded for uniform statutes of the two organizations to the Raise quality of the rodeo.

On June 3, 1983, the -- Colorado Gay Rodeo Association "their first own Rodeo and Denver became the second city in the US with this folk festival. After that it was blow at a stroke: gay cowboys were suddenly in and horse freaks in all states of the USA united. The Texans zutreiben. The idea sounded interesting, (Cowboy Mogozm) founded their own rodeo group, as did the Californians and the Team from Arizona.

A wave of hay bales and horse apples started moving. One suspected yes not that there are so many enthusiastic homosexuals would give with chaps and cowboy hat. But why not: the touch of Freedom and adventure is finally American Volksgut and with German beet piercing Hard to compare. The first Rodeo on the west coast in Los Angeles in March 1985 decided the four existing ones Rodeo organizations join forces. And aa gays getting longer need, it came to the establishment of the uniform Umbrella organization, the -- International Gay Rodeo Association "(IGRA), first in the September in Denver, where still Oklahoma as fifth team added.

Crowds were now more rodeos and the popularity of the gay cowboys rose enormously. In 1987 a rodeo lasted two years Days up to twelve hours. Always new Teams from all over the country joined. An enlargement of the roof structure in 1l was two parts (geographically) therefore inevitable. So it was from then on [three rodeos per year in the middle West and west coast. This was the Time, even with the nice country / western Dance competitions to begin, the necessarily for evening entertainment a of each rodeo belonged.

In 1991 IGRA found a big sponsor in -- Miller Lite Beer --, which financially enormously supported. Again because of the : g large number of members, had the Umbrella Association expand again in 1992, this time in four parts, so that in 1993 at a Total of 15 rodeos taking place hardly an American at the gays Hottehüh men came by. The success, the popularity, the financial gains and their distributions for social Purposes should not be underestimated. who even today about horse-apple long throw Smile, maybe get him tomorrow already in the face.

Also this year the IGRA expects with other members. The tenth IGRARodeo goes to the end of July in Little Rock, Arkansas, over the stage. Before and after Twenty regional rodeos on the whole country take place with the grand finale on 21-23 October in Denver, Colorado.

If you want to join, have your own Horse has, is well saddled or like to visit a stable, turn to the IGRA Executive Office in Denver,