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Winter 1993-94
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First posted Sep 14, 2015
Last update Jan-20-2020
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The Gay Rodeo

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Where The Women Are Strong And The Men Are Pretty

Albuquerque, New Mexico. It's Saturday, September 4th and expectant heart beats. We are headed to our first gay rodeo. Now it is a a standard rodeo! an unknown concept for average person, so the existence of a Gay Rodeo circuit we did not know. America However, Hetland value for homos nothing yet again everything it has.

After the marquee with the various stands with drink, masseuses and other gay gadgets have gone through we join with existing spectators in the adjacent arena. It is a mixed crowd but from old to Young nail to satin, everybody is on its best. The participants have also thinking about their outfits. With one exception after they wear their hair short on top of, and long in the neck, the so-called tapijtnek, the suspicion to which the hairdryer there regularly pass comes. Plaid blouses with long sleeves are a must, as are the jeans with fold. The hat and buckle speak for themselves but the apex we find Charles Dickens shoes with traces. Combined with tough pace and casual look that the Ievert rodeo pot. The rodeo pot appears most accessible and soon we meet Jeannine (39 years) and we are in a animated conversation involved. She has been s in various ways in question at the Gay Rodeo. Horse she rides from she was seven, she calls herself a lesbian only from her 21 th and we ask her how One thing and another has come.

What exactly is a rodeo?
"The participants in a rodeo measure is located at the area of the farm associated skills. Such as horse racing, it in different ways capture and binding of calves, riding of bulls and horses. It's about agility, speed, teamwork and courage. In America it's a very popular sport where the top large sums be earned. For most people, it is, however, a hobby."

What is the difference between a 'ordinary' and Gay Rodeo?
'In most rodeos there are several events for men and women. Women may for example not participate in the bull-riding. in the Gay Rodeo is not so, do it both men and women with to aile parts. In addition, the Gay Rodeo knows the so-called 'camp events, "Zeals the foot capture and binding of a calf. this 'camp-events "are meant people who have not grown with the rodeo or have no horse to be involved in rodeo. Then they might buy a horse and go to other parts participate. For some it once, but never again get others really got the taste. Another for obvious difference is in the Participants and the public, which are in fact predominantly homosexual and that has a huge impact on the atmosphere. "

How am with the rodeo started?
"I was born in an agricultural region in Texas, where nearly everyone rode horses and competed in rodeos and other matches. W hen I bought was 8 years my father a foal for me. I have he tamed and we learn together And they sat! rodeo riding. Also organized at the high school them a lot and I often participated competitions. After highschool I a number of times in the 'professional all rodeo girl 'drive. Ordinary rodeos a high level, but for aileen women. When I then professional circuit in wild, I did not have enough money to the country and touring Moreover, I also went to college. I drove Aileen if they are near came. What I liked about the professional rodeo was bull-riding by the women was done. At the university it was only as a demonstration done. The funny thing was that even though many people found that a woman on a bull really could not, I much respect received. I was well but remained at a day I stuck to a bull who then on my back so I got a couple weeks was paralyzed. I am then so shocked me acutely with it I quit. "

When did you start again?
"Nine years ago, when his first Texas Gay Rodeo was, twelve years after the lgra (International Gay Rodeo Association) was founded in Colorado. A friend of mine persuaded me to conveniant ride bulls again. Hetvrataan me I stopped because I was afraid we rd. When I was there the first time was on again, I flew there immediately. lkging for second time and remained seated. I'm nude continued to work within the Gay Rodeo, like my wife Erin, but missed the competition. it is a cliche, but it comes at you bleed sit, it's a part of my Ieven. I bought another horse and went participate in other components. we doing very well. Now the rodeo mine hobby where all my vacation days to go up. It is an expensive whey hobby. The fact that so many women with horses and expensive trailers kunjeziendathetgoedgaatmetons. we Aileen are not poor and pitiful Zeals some sometimes think. "

In addition to other administrative functions held jeannine 5 years the Presidency the California Department of Gay Rodeo Association.

"This is unusual because it is an organization where mostly men in it. I do not know how it is with you, but here can gay men and lesbians women do not work together. That annoys me, because ikgeen problems have with men. I feel with no sexual until they are drawn, but there are men in my Ieven I much hold. Within the rodeo world are Men and women are very close, they help together where necessary and borrow each other material, sometimes even their horses. the rodeo this weekend, 55 female and 61 male participants. these are both beginners and advanced students also professional driving."

There was much opposition to the concept of the Gay Rodeo?
"The response has been mixed. the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association) helped us in drafting of the regulations. Some of our jurors were with them to school. That was not really negative. a has some of the individual participants whey problems with homosexuals. they are quite a redneck and homophobic. Some participants take here part in the ordinary Rodeo circuit and they should be careful. many use pseudonyms, often because of their work. We have participants who in the Ieger sit or doctor and may their job lose if it becomes known that they are gay are. They will often not dater pictures of them are made. I have whey always my own name ashamed me not for what I do, that makes it easier. "

When we talk to Paula, who no Photos may be taken during the rodeo, she says, "The reason is simple. there should not be linked between me and a gay activity. In the past there because several colleagues fired because of their homosexuality and I do not want to risk too ! open."

How is it that we in the months we in America are so have little lesbians recognized, while the women here so explicitly look gay? "The lesbians who had seen you probably dressed in their work to go. During such as weekend This is fine for 'er gay or lesbian to look and to be yourself. It is still still not really accepted in the samenleving.ln California is somewhat easier to be yourself. AI our neighbors know for example. It is also quite logically, two women who together purchase and calling home, "Honey, dinner's ready. " We? Simply open Hand in hand from the stables to the house. They have no problem with that. Because there are few opportunities to yourself as a lesbian to next block see many women also 'an attitude' especially during a gay activity. "We're kinda cocky I guess." I'm so Always, I guess. I wear the same kind clothes for my work and am there openly lesbian. I work with Sam and Erin in bedrijfvan my parents. We show However, no affection in front of customers or employees, but I would nor do if I would be straight been. I think that some people wei .beetje an exaggeration during a gay activity."

Asked whether there during the rodeo case of animal cruelty she says the following.
"There are more rules to the animals protect than to protect us. Our horses have a health certificate have and if they are injured then they may not participate. You also may detect not sharp and they should certainly not fail marks, that means disqualification. The bulls and Horses are more than 2 times 6 seconds driven per day. the owner the beasts there earns his bread along so he makes sure whey, certainly given the value of the animals. the Bucks horses and bulls is caused by 'flank stairs, a soft cotton rope to the flank goes out of the horse. The 'flank trap " so attached that you are still a hand between you. he does not need tight sit and balls not be touched. when you loosens the rope it stops bucking. "

No animals slain or wounded as at Spanish bullfighting and, but such calf is probably rather nice in the whey. In the mutual However, the animals usually win confrontations. which the bull-riding is not devoid of danger appears as Candy in two seconds shed and by a ton weighing beast under foot walked. A day later we see her again on her horse. With twelve stitches around her private parts.