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Walter R. "Papa" Strickler
September 26, 1922 - May 14, 1990
From the 1990 TGRA rodeo program
First posted Nov 5, 2018
Last update Nov-05-2018

Walter R. "Papa" Strickler

September 26, 1922 - May 14, 1990


Grand Marshal

Walter Strickler was employed by Shell Development Company as a Mathematician/Computer Scientist for thirty years. He owned and operated "The Barn" in the Montrose area from 1976-1987. It was a comforting and familiar site to pass The Barn in those days and see Papa quietly reading his paper just inside the front Windows.

Gay Rodeo was a dream from the heart of Papa, a dream that he was determined would become a reality in his adopted home state of Texas. It became that reality and with each passing year and with each taste of success you could see in him the pride that he felt as one of the founders of the Texas Gay Rodeo Association.

It is with the same sense of pride that the members of the Texas Gay Rodeo Association present Walter R. "Papa" Strickler, postumously, as Grand Marshal of the 7th Annual TGRA Rodeo.

Program Dedication

Dear Papa,

It is November once more in Texas. You know what that means. Everything is falling into place ofr #7. As the chutes enter the coliseum and Kooger attends to all the last minute details, there is an air of anticipation that grows as the stalls fill and contestants begin to arrive.

Papa, we have come so far. Somehow you knew we would be right where we are today. We are not in Bear Creek, Papa, we are in downtown Houston!

I know you are watching and I know you are proud. Remember, this one is for you. But then again, Papa, they all are.

Your Friends.