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1st IGRA Finals Rodeo
Hayward, California
September 18 - 20, 1987
First posted Apr 15, 2013
Last update Jan-20-2020
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Highlights from the first IGRA Finals rodeo.
Video removed to avoid copyright infringement

A "B-roll" is a series of shots used to cover parts of a short film or news story consisting of cutaways, usually to cover bad shots or to fill over narration. We have cut out the blank sections, the original was 12 minutes.

Most of the video is from the first IGRA Finals rodeo in Hayward, California, There is one shot of Ron Neff doing patterns at the Coal Creek arena near Denver.In the background can be seen a new, unpainted, announcers booth. This places that shot shortly after July of 1990, CGRA rebuilt the booth after it had burned earlier that season.

Most of the film is silent, but there are several sections with an announcer so I am leaving the audio as is. The film includes several shots of Greg Olson including a successful bronc ride.

Some notes from Roger Bergman, who was a judge at this rodeo

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