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June 6, 1986
First posted Nov 24, 2012
Last update Jan 20, 2020
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OCR Transcript by Frank Harrell, Apr 5, 2013

Beverly Hills might have its Rodayoh Drive, but Denver's got its Rocky Mountain Regional Rodeeoh- and number four proved to be the best yet. It's no wonder that every other Gay Rodeo Association that joins the circuit turns to our Colorado Gay Rodeo Association for guidelines and support. (The only thing that even remotely resembled anything from Rodayoh Drive was the outlandish outfits being sported by rodeo clowns Ted. E., Barry, and Bunny).

As much credit as all the CGRA members deserve (and they are too numerous to list individually), another tip of the hat has to go to the Colorado Tavern Guild and all the member bars for being exquisite hosts and hostesses, and showing all those thousands of out-of-town guests just why Colorado rides with pride - in community spirit ~ in helping make this event "Denver's Biggest Party."

The opening night party at the 4004 Denver proved to be a rousing success. Everyone at 4004, from Bob on down deserves a great big round of applause. Such an evening could have been a mish-mash, but thanks to their friendly staff, great food, freer flowing spirits, and exceptional sound work, it was just short of spectacular. If you don't believe me, ask Denver's Colorado Outlaws, LA's Lang horns, Phoenix' Sherri Kimmerling, and Charlie's Cloggers, our own Ted E. Darnell, Wichita's Rock'n Roll Cloggers, Denver's Mile High Squares, Rawhide Justice of Long Beach, LA's Goldrush, Wes Myers of Dallas, Mike Land from OKC, Floyd's Cloggers of Long Beach, or OKC's Bunkhouse Cloggers!

Of course, as much fun as all the entertainment was, the real reason for being here this weekend was the Rodeo. And what a rodeo it was. From the opening ceremonies with the Mile High Freedom Band and the Sunday Afternoon Kar Club, right down to the closing ceremonies at Charlie's, capped off by a rousing performance of the Denver Country Cloggers, it was flawless. (Minor glitches did occur, but hey, to err is human, right?)

One hundred seven contestants shared the spotlight (or rather sunlight) for two gruelling days of activities at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds- and here are the major Belt Buckle winners:

Calf Roping on foot- women- Wanda Bird
Calf Roping on foot- men-Barry Fullerton
Texas Flag Race-women-Mae Clark
Texas Flag Race-men-Randy Zoeller
Wild Cow Milking-team-John Beck, Vicki Dotty and Barry Fullerton
Goat Decorating-team-Lisa Harrison, Dale Young
Mounted Calf-Roping-women-Lisa Freeman
Mounted Calf-Roping-men-Lee Kittleson
Bull Riding-women-Grace Popoff
Bull Riding-men-No winner
Pole Bending-women-Loralee
Pole Bending-men-Dale Young
Chute Dogging-women-Lisa Freeman
Chute Dogging-men-Lee Kittleson
Steer Decorating-team- Loralee & Glenn
Barrel Racing-women-Loralee
Barrel Racing-men-Dale Young
Wild Cow Riding-women-Mermer Tuckness
Wild Cow Riding-men-Scott Thompson
Bare Back Broncs-women-No women
Bare Back Broncs~ men-John Beck
RMRR's all-around cowboy-John Beck, Denver, sponsored by Mike's
RMRR's all-around cowgirl, Loralee, San Antonio, sponsored by Our Place in San Antonio.

Congratulations to all the contestants, to the great spectators (that the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds called the nicest crowd we've had here in 10 years); to the sponsor - Miller Lite Beer, to the Arena Director, C. J. Jackson and her fantastic staft, to the dulcet tones of arena announcer Mark Caesar, to the great performances of "Satin and Lace" and "East Purdue;" to all CGRA members; to Wayne Jakino (IGRA President for again pulling off a miraculous event to all IGRA members for their support; and to our comunity of Denver. RMRR#4 was the best yet. Can't wait to see what you all do to make #5 even better: