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1st Texas Gay Rodeo
Houston, Texas
November 2-4, 1984
First posted Jan 25, 2013
Last update Jan-20-2020
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Some info on the rodeo facility

In 1963 the Round Up was built on FM (Farm Road) 1093. It was a large indoor rodeo arena in full swing every Saturday night, drawing people from Houston and elsewhere. It is a favorite spot to bring visitors to the Houston area for a taste of the "real west". It seems that the Simonton rodeo has been listed as a tourist attraction in Houston Chambers of Commerce literature. When China's strong man, Deputy Premier Teng Hsiao-P'ing visited the United States in 1979, the stop he enjoyed the most, according to some news reports, was the evening he spent in Simonton at the rodeo.

Obtained from the Simonton town website

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