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National Reno Gay Rodeo Rodeo
Reno, Nevada
July 30 - August 1, 1982
First posted Nov 2, 2014
Last update Jan 20, 2020
Of Interest
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  • Photos by Bob Sorensen and partner Jim Swensen of Phoenix, Arizona
  • See program from this rodeo
  • See further down the page for more photos from an unknown photographer
Of Interest
  • Photographer unknown
  • The following slides were found in the basement of Charlie's Bar in Denver during housecleaning in 2014
  • It appears they were shot with indoor film and were very blue so we have attempted some major color correction
1982-07-31-001.jpg   76.5K 1982-07-31-002.jpg   77.7K 1982-07-31-003.jpg   81.0K 1982-07-31-004.jpg   79.2K 1982-08-001.jpg   59.3K 1982-08-002.jpg   96.8K 1982-08-003.jpg   97.2K 1982-08-004.jpg   66.1K 1982-08-005.jpg   70.9K 1982-08-007.jpg   53.5K 1982-08-008.jpg   29.2K 1982-08-009.jpg   44.8K 1982-08-010.jpg   73.7K 1982-08-011.jpg   65.7K 1982-08-012.jpg   74.6K 1982-08-013.jpg   53.4K 1982-08-014.jpg   84.1K 1982-08-015.jpg   64.3K 1982-08-016.jpg   95.8K 1982-08-017.jpg   84.3K 1982-08-018.jpg   60.7K 1982-08-019.jpg   69.0K 1982-08-020.jpg   50.1K 1982-08-021.jpg   55.4K 1982-08-023.jpg   64.8K 1982-08-024.jpg   70.1K 1982-08-025.jpg   75.0K 1982-08-026.jpg   62.4K 1982-08-027.jpg   93.3K 1982-08-028.jpg   77.0K 1982-08-029.jpg   50.6K 1982-08-030.jpg   67.9K 1982-08-036.jpg   69.6K 1982-08-037.jpg   51.7K 1982-08-038.jpg   65.4K 1982-08-039.jpg   62.8K 1982-08-040.jpg   55.9K 1982-08-041.jpg   55.0K 1982-08-043.jpg   85.3K 1982-08-044.jpg   58.0K 1982-08-045.jpg   99.7K 1982-08-046.jpg   86.5K 1982-08-047.jpg   58.1K 1982-08-048.jpg   37.7K 1982-08-049.jpg   52.5K 1982-08-050.jpg   79.0K 1982-08-051.jpg   103.1K 1982-08-052.jpg   96.1K 1982-08-053.jpg   115.9K 1982-08-054.jpg   81.1K 1982-08-055.jpg   64.0K 1982-08-056.jpg   58.0K 1982-08-057.jpg   72.6K 1982-08-058.jpg   82.4K 1982-08-059.jpg   64.3K 1982-08-060.jpg   71.4K 1982-08-061.jpg   74.4K 1982-09-013.jpg   75.9K 1982-09-014.jpg   97.5K 1982-09-015.jpg   126.7K 1982-09-016.jpg   73.7K 1982-09-017.jpg   54.4K 1982-09-018.jpg   61.1K 1982-09-019.jpg   64.6K 1982-09-020.jpg   73.7K 1982-09-021.jpg   70.7K 1982-09-027.jpg   90.1K 1982-09-030.jpg   114.4K 1982-09-033.jpg   97.8K 1982-09-034.jpg   77.6K