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National Reno Gay Rodeo
Reno Nevada
August 3-5, 1979
First posted Nov 21, 2012
Last update Oct-18-2015
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I attended the 2nd Reno Rodeo in 1977 and competed in the three following years (78-80). In 1981 (Reno Rodeo 6) I was one of the producers of Conceptual Entertainment and the Rodeo's Saturday Night Dance Party "Stand by Your Man". I was also Sharon McNight's personal Manager from about 1979-1983. Conceptual Entertainment was the first to create the huge gay dance parties that today are commonly referred to as Circuit Parties. Following Reno Rodeo in Aug/Sep of 1982, Conceptual Entertainment produced the Opening and Closing ceremonies for the 1st Gay Games in San Francisco.

My involvement with rodeo continued as a original member of the "Pacific Coast Gay Rodeo Assoc." My move to Los Angeles in 1983 lead to my involvement with the then new GSGRA Los Angeles chapter, as one of the Arena crew, specifically John Ferry, Wil Schott and myself, who for a period of at least 5 years (starting in '86) were the three official "Timers" for the LA Rodeo. My move in 1987 to San Diego to work at Price Club, changed my chapter affiliation to GSDC, a group who can proudly say that for a number of years created the best attended and well run rodeo's in the country. No one even comes close to recreating the moment when over 4,000 men and women were all line dancing in unison to Boot Scootin' Boogie at the Saturday night dance party at the Host Hotel. After several years in various production positions, I became Rodeo Director for the 1997 San Diego Rodeo, the year we tested moving to Ramona. It was also that year I had to retire onto disability due to my health. Now I enjoy watching everyone else compete and produce the rodeo and am glad to have done both.

Jay Wilpolt

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A Message from the Founder

OCR Transcript by frank Harrell, March 10, 2013



"A dream becomes a reality and I'm glad to be a part of it ...... "

This is the fourth year of the Reno Gay Rodeo. We're sure it will prove to be better than last year and be even greater next year. We are learning and gaining experience each year.

The Reno Gay Rodeo is for Gay people first, Charity second, and to anyone who wants to come and have a good time along side us.

The Rodeo is for all Gay people, be it Macho, Lesbian, or Drag. Let's show Gay Pride. We do ask that dress and actions not be obscene or leud. So, let's have fun!

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please write to me at the address below. Have a good time in Reno this weekend and we hope to see you back for a bigger and better fifth Annual Gay Rodeo next year.

Best Regards,
Phil Ragsdale,

Comstock Gay Rodeo Association
P. 0. Box 2372
Reno, Nevada 89505

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OCR Transcript by Frank Harrell, March 10, 2013

For the 4th annual Reno Gay Rodeo, Our own Mrs. Pearl Wilson

Mrs. Pearl Wilson, past owner of the Jade Room, one of Reno's first gay bars in the downtown area. Although in her 70'S and confined to a wheel chair, this remarkalbe woman is still very active and supportive of the Reno Gay Community.

We would like to take this opportinuity to express our gratitude to this individual and just say, "if you know her, you are lucky. If you don't, seek her and do get to know her."

Again Pearl, our thanks for all you have done for the Reno Gay Community.